And then there was that mystical white Fiat Uno, which was never found. The French police initially announced that they were looking for a blue or black Fiat Uno. Blue paint had been found on the Mercedes carrying Diana and Dodi Fayed and shards of plastic from the rear light of a Fiat Uno had been found in the Alma Tunnel. It later transpired that two and two did not make four because the paint, according to the police laboratory, was not blue after all, it was white. However, that was not all. Many of the eyewitnesses changed their evidence, some dramatically, during subsequent police questioning. The evidence of a few alleged witnesses who came forward weeks after the crash did not quite add up when compared with the statements of other witnesses. Many witnesses, drivers and vehicles were never identified and crucial evidence was destroyed or ‘lost’ by the French and British authorities. In addition to debunking the conspiracy theories “The Diana Jigsaw” answers the hitherto unanswered questions: Was the driver truly speeding? Was he drunk? Were the paparazzi left behind as they testified? Was the blood tested for alcohol really Henri Paul’s? Who was driving the white Fiat Uno? “The Diana Jigsaw” proves that there was an unprecedented conspiracy to destroy vital evidence and bury the truth. An accompanying website containing animations, diagrams, photographs and detailed evidence is accessible by purchasers of the book. “The Diana Jigsaw” is published by Endeavour Media and is available from Amazon.